My name is Raymond Yip and after 23 years of living in New York City, I now call Hong Kong my home. I created this site to display a collection of work and ventures that have occupied much of my time in recent years. I am an entrepreneur that have founded several companies both in New York and in Hong Kong. My time in startups has given me the knowledge of quick iterations and the importance of UX when creating a sound product. On the business end, it has also given me the experience in fundraising, marketing and scaling and managing teams. I served as co-founder and CEO of my first startup in e-commerce. It was accepted into the 500 Startups global accelerator in San Francisco and I raised US$1.2M in seed funding for the company. After that, I started another company in digital advertising called Clickful. It was an end-to-end platform that uses machine learning to automate Facebook ad design, set up, management and optimisation. It targets businesses in Asia. At the same time, I am also a venture partner at an early-stage VC called XGD Ventures. We invest in companies in various sectors that we feel we can help scale and succeed. As a designer, my interest lies in creating usable web and mobile UI/UX while I also dabble in branding and other graphic design from time to time. I’m a student of good and functional design and I’m always hungry to learn more. I believe in the power of typography, proper spacing and effective use of colours in designing user-interfaces.