Category: Banners

Marketing collateral for Clickful

As part of our marketing of the Clickful platform, there was a lot of work to be done to design various types of marketing collateral to drive users….

Lenovo Online Ad Banners

Lenovo approached Designjar for a set of standard ad banners for one of its ad campaigns in Hong Kong and Macau. I designed a set of standard ad banners to help…

Recruitment for Shopline

After raising our first round of funding, the team at Shopline went on a hiring frenzy in order to scale the team as quickly as possible. Part of…

Valentine's Day 2014

Shopline Promo Banners and Misc Design Projects

From time to time I will whip up graphical banners and posters for marketing purposes for Shopline. I will update this post as I create more banners and…