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XGD Media Feature

Website design for XGD Media

A few months ago, a good friend of mine launched an outdoor media and advertising business in Hong Kong called XGD Media. He had asked me to design…

Mobile Time Entry

Mobile Time Entry

Starling Labs was hired by Deloitte to design and develop an internal mobile app that allows its employees to enter time on their smartphones. They were looking for…

Mobile Web UI for a Social Wifi Startup

A local startup in Hong Kong approached us to design their mobile web UI. Here are some shots of the loading and login screens. The startup provides businesses…

My Debut Shot on Dribbble

My Debut Shot on Dribbble

I was recently drafted on Dribbble and I’m very excited to finally be able to put up shots. I read somewhere that some people wait for several years,…

Flat vs. Skeuomorphic iOS Design

Flat vs. Skeuomorphism – An iOS App Design Comparison

I’ve been reading up on flat design concepts for quite some time now and have been torn between flat and skeuomorphism (realism of sorts) for my last several…

Design for a Mobile Social Photos App

iOS Social Photos App Design

An iOS app design template for a photo application. Will be available on

iOS Social Reviews App Design

iOS Social Reviews App Design

A collection of iOS app design templates for asocial reviews app. The UI can be used for any application. Available now on