In between many of my freelance projects, I sometimes like to whip up new products just for the sake of learning and practice, or if I thought it was simply something fun to do. Recently I discovered a few service that provide allows people to display social media feeds in a slideshow format. Most of them are geared toward events such as corporate parties or weddings. While there are quite a few out there, I found most of them to be quite cumbersome and complicated, most of which required you to subscribe to a paid plan to use without limitations. Meanwhile, all I just wanted was something where you can type in an Instagram profile name, press GO and the slideshow would show up. Hence, I created Slidekitty. However, instead of launching it strictly as an event centric product, I decided to also make it more of a fun discovery tool on Instagram, so I included some live Instagram stats and links to various popular profiles as well. So hopefully people would find it fund as well as useful. I launched the product on ProductHunt and was featured on the front page as one of the most upvoted products of the day.

Below is a short summary of Slidekitty.

Slidekitty to allows people who love Instagram to view any profile feed or hashtag feed in a slideshow format. Type in an Intagram profile name or hashtag and the slideshow will begin, simple as that. There are a few other terrific solutions out there today that provide a similar functionality, while full featured, we found their offering extremely limiting particularly the free version. We just wanted something simple that just works, without all the bells and whistles. That is why we built Slidekitty.

Our app is best used during parties or events or screens at the office or at home. While it does work on mobile devices, it’ll work best on a computer connected to a monitor or screen via HDMI or any kind of streaming device.

You can view a few caps of the simple UI for the app here. You can also check out the live site here and give it a try yourself: