Soon after my departure from running an accelerator program for AI startups, I joined Mount Parker Ventures as a Venture Partner. (a position that I announced here) I came to know the General Partners, Sal Ismail and Jude O’Kelly, through my years in the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong and they were also investors in my first startup, Shopline. While I still have big desire to build product, the most suitable next step for me is to continue my journey to help other startups while learning as much as I can on the buy side of things and I am confident that Mount Parker was the place for me to do just that.

Mount Parker Venture is based in Hong Kong but and we invest primarily in South East Asia, India and some other emerging markets in the region. A bulk of our early investments were in Hong Kong and in logistics. Our portfolio companies include GoGoVan, Floship, Logflows, BusyarTruckLagbe, among others.