The original intent of Designjar, my latest startup, was to streamline the process by which small businesses obtain custom and professional grade graphics. While we see the opportunity in the market and we loved the spirit of Designjar, we eventually realised that businesses needed more than just graphics for their marketing. What local business owners wanted was a way to streamline their entire marketing and advertising efforts online. Through weeks of brainstorming and with careful consideration, we decided to pivot Designjar¬†to an Adtech platform, one that automates the process of online advertising, including design, setup and optimisation. As part of this shift, we also had to come up with a new name and brand. We’ve decided to go with the name Clickful¬†as it really personifies what we do for our customers and also a name that easy to say and remember. I designed a new logo and a set of simple business cards as part of this rebranding.

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