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Shopline Prints Refresh

Shopline Print Material Refresh

As Shopline ramps up its participation in startup events and other promotional efforts, a refresh of our print material was needed. I redesigned our marketing flyers, business cards…

Shopline Website Redesign

Shopline Website Refresh (v5)

In the beginning stages of Shopline, the homepage was changed four different times over a span of 4 months. While we struggled to find the right identity for…

Valentine's Day 2014

Shopline Promo Banners and Misc Design Projects

From time to time I will whip up graphical banners and posters for marketing purposes for Shopline. I will update this post as I create more banners and…


Platform for University Applications

A recent design project came in the form of a platform which assists high school students in China in applying to U.S. universities. This was done as a…

My Debut Shot on Dribbble

My Debut Shot on Dribbble

I was recently drafted on Dribbble and I’m very excited to finally be able to put up shots. I read somewhere that some people wait for several years,…

UI for Corporate Software QA System Panel

While the general objective of “process improvement” is always a part of any corporate employee’s annual goal-setting, some times that can mean improving existing systems via a UI…

Flat vs. Skeuomorphic iOS Design

Flat vs. Skeuomorphism – An iOS App Design Comparison

I’ve been reading up on flat design concepts for quite some time now and have been torn between flat and skeuomorphism (realism of sorts) for my last several…

Flat UI Kit

Flat UI Kit

Startup Weekends always inspire me to whip up something just for fun. This is a shot of a UI Kit I’m working on leading up to this weekend’s…

Infographic Design for a Vegan Menu

Infographic Design for a Vegan Menu

A play on the infographics design trend, this is a healthy meal plan for vegans displayed as an infographic, dubbed “Menugraphic”.

Infographic for a 1500 Kcal Menu

Infographic for a 1500 Kcal Menu

The first of a series of meal plans developed by a registered dietitian displayed as n infographic.

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