Being entrepreneurs at heart, even while we have other full time commitments on hand, we still constantly brainstorm new product ideas and see how far we can take it. My co-founder and I worked on validating an idea for a product that uses AI to connect professionals that may be looking for advice and mentorship to experts in their desired industry or field. Much like how students would need tutors to help them from time to time, working professionals, particularly entry or mid-level employees, would also need some assistance to bolster their knowledge and help them excel work. We went as far as surveying dozens of our peers and even designed the beginnings of a potential mobile product. At the end, we didn’t gather strong enough validation for the idea and, more importantly, the business model just didn’t seem viable. It is always a good learning experience whenever we go through these exercises and it keeps us on our toes and never be too comfortable in our current endeavours, always striving to learn and to explore.