I have been dabbling in crypto off and on since 2017. In the beginning, it was very new to most of my peers and I was just learning the ropes, familiarising myself with the underlying technologies and the money making opportunities that came with it. (because that was really the biggest appeal at the time) This was at the height of the ICO craze and the first time Bitcoin hit a price of US$20K. Soon after that, crypto winter came, prices collapsed and plenty of previously promising ICO startups fell by the wayside, as did my attention to the space. I held on to much of my crypto holdings but was no longer actively trading. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2021 where a new concept came to light for the masses where I began to take notice again. There was a new type of digital asset called Non-fungible Tokens (NFT). (I won’t get too much into what NFTs are here as that has already been explained ad nauseam by folks much more knowledgeable than me, read all about it here if you are still not familiar.)

I remember my previous co-founder was telling me about this new project he was planning around NFTs and it took me a while to wrap my head around what it all means. Then literally within days it was all over the web and main stream media. It took off like a rocket ship. Making money was one thing, but the idea that individual designers or artists can test their abilities against the market, directly to consumers, was extremely attractive to me. Of course, the perpetual royalties also helped. Instead of simply collecting NFTs, I immediately went to work and brainstormed ideas for designs that I can enter the market with. I ended up mashing together two things that I loved and that I feel would draw some eyeballs from enthusiasts – sneakers and digital collectible cards.

Below are a few behind-the-scene shots as well as the actually NFTs that I minted. For those that are interested, you can grab these on OpenSea. The collection is aptly dubbed SneakerNTF.


Collectible Air Jordan NFT
Sketching and designing in Illustrator
A few cards in the set that I released as NFTs.
Collectible Air Jordan NFT - After Effects
Animation done in After Effects
Collectible Air Jordan NFT - Showcase
Collectible Air Jordan NFT - Showcase